Monkey Knife Fight Deposit Bonuses

Monkey Knife Fight Deposit Bonuses

Monkey Knife Fight is one of the fastest-growing DFS sites in the industry and it’s truly innovative what this site is doing. Unlike most DFS sites, Monkey Knife Fight is offering a whole new way to play. Instead of your typical salary-based format, MKF gives the players a unique way to play fantasy. Instead of dealing with confusing price and salary caps, it’s simply the player versus the site.

What Monkey Knife Fight does is offer prop plays for its customers. These are simply over/under based on an algorithm and you just have to pick which side you prefer. For example, Justin Verlander’s projected strikeout total will be 8.5 and you have to pick whether he will go under or over that total. Simple, right? They also offer up props for numerous other sports like NBA, NFL, PGA, WNBA, and NASCAR.

You can figure out how to play by checking out the site, as this article will be focused on the deposit and withdrawal methods on Monkey Knife Fight. With that in mind, let’s talk about signing up.

Creating an Account

Creating your account is about as easy as it gets.

Monkey.Knife Fight Site Registration

All you have to do is use your email to create your account. From there, you pick a username and password, then your free to do whatever you please on the site. Signing up for free is one of the brilliant parts about Money Knife Fight, as you can take a look at all the props before making a deposit.

Making a Deposit

While making a deposit can be tricky on many DFS sites, Monkey Knife Fight makes it very simple. All you have to do is enter your credit card information and choose the amount you’d like to deposit into your account.

Deposit Bonuses

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about the fun stuff. When making your first deposit at Monkey Knife Fight, they match whatever you deposit (Up to $50).

Monkey Knife Fight is actually going all out with football season upon us, as they’ve now multiplied that bonus by 10. Yes, that means you can get a bonus all the way up to $500. It’s not just that either, as they’re now offering the same promotion for your second deposit as well! (See Below)

Additional Promotions

One unique aspect of Monkey Knife Fight is the fact that they offer random promotions through social media. We actually saw these two on Twitter.

As long as you follow Monkey Knife Fight on Twitter, you could benefit from one of their many perks.

They also offer a bonus for every friend you refer, with both players getting a free $40 to play with. They call this their “bromance” promotion and you can see it below…

So How do the Bonuses Work?

The bonuses are done like most DFS sites. It’s simply put into your account as you play. What Monkey Knife Fight does is insert four percent of any buy-in into your account. For example, if you play for $100, you’ll have $4  directly put into your account as MKF currency. It works just like real money and it can be deposited once it’s played.


Now that we have the money into your account and you’ve won a billion dollars, let’s talk about getting that money into your bank account. You can withdraw in two different ways: A check or a direct deposit into your bank. The check can be sent right to your address while the bank transfer is as easy as it sounds. You simply enter your account number, routing number and account type, then the money will be transferred over. It only takes 1-3 business days to reach your account and it’s a complete breeze.

Social Media

Following Monkey Knife Fight on social media is the best way to gain access to their many promotions. While you get the deposit bonuses on the site, they’ve done a great job of publicizing promos to their many followers. It’s a great way to treat their loyal customers and you can follow them at this link.