Riding the Bonus: How to Maximize Your DFS Deposits

For the beginner and the veteran player, a DFS site bonus is always a nice incentive. So, we will explore some of the bonus options available on the Top Daily Fantasy Sports platforms in order to help you maximize your DFS deposits.

Maximize Your DFS Deposits

Do all fantasy sports sites off the same bonuses and how do they work?

If you are a new player to the DFS world both FanDuel and DraftKings offer a 100 percent first time DFS bonus. What this means is if you were to deposit $100, they would match that in your account. But you do not get it all at once. As you play, they will release the funds into your account in increments. They also offer this to veteran players from time-to-time. At the end of the day though, the money is still free, it just takes some time to get it. You’ll find many similar deposit bonuses on other DFS platforms, and various types of deposit and reload bonuses on prominent prop sites such as Monkey Knife Fight.

Is there any way to get bigger bonuses than the ones offered publicly?

Currently, we have not been able to locate any secret DFS bonuses for either DraftKings or FanDuel. What you can do though is follow DFS sites on Twitter, and pay attention to your emails. They send out special bonus offers from time-to-time where we have seen bonus deposits with the bonus funds released fully upon deposit. These are nice but you must stay on top of the social media posts.

Another way to locate bonuses is simply doing a Google search for DraftKings promotions or whatever DFS site you prefer. You will get a page full of mostly expired deals, but every now again we have been able to get a promo code there that works. The elusive DFS bonus may take a little searching but they do exist.

What is the best approach to get the best value?

The Refer a Friend option on FanDuel is the most lucrative way to build free DFS bonus cash if you are diligent and can find friends to sign up. If they use your reference link you provide both you and your friend will receive $15 when they play. You get enough friends to join, it could be a very lucrative DFS bonus. Monkey Knife Fight also offers a “bromance” bonus. 

Besides friend deposits, DFS sites offer a bevy of daily free contests and free points. All of these gain you free DFS bonus money, just check the notification icon on your phone, or PC daily. They will reveal whatever the daily bonus is. You can also earn points as you play in contests. The build is slow, but if you save them up, one day you may have $25 sitting there in points.

As time goes on, and with the advent of sportsbooks on the rise, we see a heavy promotion cycle coming to try and get some of the DFS players back from other sites or types of games. Keep your eyes open for more DFS bonuses.