Yahoo Fantasy Sports Review

Why Yahoo?

Almost everyone who’s ever been on a computer has logged into Yahoo Fantasy Sports at one point or another and many people don’t realize that they offer Daily Fantasy. Yahoo has actually established themselves as one of the best fantasy providers in the industry and it was just a matter of time before they dipped their toes in the DFS game. A site this big running DFS is obviously a huge step in the right direction and this truly has become one of the greatest DFS products out there in a short period of time

Signing Up

Signing up at Yahoo is an absolute breeze, as you can access your account through your Yahoo email. This can be done in about two clicks and you can play for free after you create an account.


Like many of its counterparts, Yahoo does deposits through PayPal. This goes for withdrawals too, as the money is always put right back into your PayPal account. What’s unique about Yahoo is that you put this money into your Yahoo wallet. This is essentially a small bank account that you can use to access any sort of purchasing on Yahoo. You can use this money for season-long leagues, shopping, DFS, etc.

Home Page/Lobby

As you can see, the lobby and home page are very accessible. All of the contests are right there and there are numerous tabs to access wherever you need to go.

There are tabs for Lobby, My Contests, My Leagues, Create a Contest, My Account, Research and Help.

It’s also very easy to filter your lineup by price or the type of contest as you can see at the top of the screenshot.

Contest Types/Sports Offered

In the lobby, there are numerous sports available. Yahoo currently offers MLB, NBA, NFL, EPL, NHL and Golf.

Like many of the other sites, it offers different types of contests for all of these sports.

Guaranteed to Run are tournaments with a guaranteed prize pool

50/50s are tournaments where half the pool gets paid double their buy-in

Head-to-heads are one-on-one battles where one person takes the other person’s buy in a heads-up match.

Leagues are one of the most unique parts about Yahoo, as you can team up with friends and keep track of scores throughout the year.

Yahoo also does Quick Matches, which pairs you up with someone based on your abilities.

What’s Unique About Yahoo

One of the coolest parts about Yahoo is your results are tracked. This rates what sort of player you are and you can hop in contests or quick matches that are most suitable for your skill level.

The Create tab is also a huge part of Yahoo’s unique setup and you can pretty much make whatever type of contest you want. That’s something that many sites offer but it’s huge with so many people playing season-long fantasy at Yahoo.

Yahoo also just started doing Best Ball drafts and this unique form of fantasy is growing like a wildfire.

Building a Lineup

Yahoo plays it completely differently in terms of salary. Most sites go into the $1,000s for salary purposes but Yahoo makes it simple with a $200 salary. This caters more to everyone and it makes it easier to do quick math for novice players. The graph tool is a fascinating addition by Yahoo too, as that shows the consistency and form of the players you’re picking.


Yahoo Cup- A favorite promotion at Yahoo that you can participate in for every sport is their Yahoo Cup. This is a weekly tournament where your scores are tracked and you can win real money! For example, there’s 26 weeks in the MLB Yahoo Cup and if you finish first among all of the entrants, you can win up to $10,000. The NFL Yahoo Cup is even bigger and these contests are free for everyone and they pay out every single week!

While Yahoo doesn’t offer a deposit bonus, their fair play initiative is undoubtedly one of the best things they have going for them. This includes things fair games, opponent’s records and limited entries available. In an industry with sharks killing the fun for all the novice players, this makes it more competitive for everybody.

Rake Free Contests- Yahoo offers a rake-free contest almost every day and that shows just how much they care about their users. They’re literally giving away money and the management fee being pulled is a huge bonus for any avid player.

Differences Between Yahoo and Prop Gaming

Yahoo is a more standard DFS site while sites like Monkey Knife Fight offers props, the newest craze in gaming. Like most of its counterparts, Yahoo thrives off of salary-based formats and focuses on the standard head-to-head, tourneys and 50/50s. Monkey Knife Fight differs because they focus on Individual statistics and don’t really ask you to build a lineup off of a salary or face anyone. While both sites cater to novice players, they offer completely different styles of play. MKF is focused on specific statistics while Yahoo is about building an optimal lineup.


Yahoo has been one of the biggest names in fantasy for years now and leaping into the DFS industry was an inevitability. While they don’t have monster prize pools like FanDuel and DraftKings, Yahoo is all about its users. The Fair Play initiative is absolutely incredible and it’s something that other sites should take notice of. Most DFS players are sick of seeing the same names at the top of every GPP and that’s simply not the case on Yahoo. Yahoo has changed the game for season-long fantasy and they’re well on their way to doing the same for DFS with their ever-expanding product.

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