Thrive Fantasy Review

In this review, we’ll cover everything you need to know to get started with daily fantasy sports (DFS) on ThriveFantasy. We cover the basics of creating an account, and just how simple it is to play a daily fantasy sports contest with ThriveFantasy.

About ThriveFantasy

Did you know that the DFS industry projects to be a multibillion-dollar business yet only 2-3% of users account for 80% of the total prize money, via Well, this is where ThriveFantasy comes into play to democratize the DFS landscape.

Adam Weinstein, the CEO and founder of ThriveFantasy, wanted to put the power back in the hands of the masses with a pick-up-and-play mentality. They consistently see users win from creating lineups in less than 10 minutes. This is just not possible within the restraints of a salary cap format which requires much higher amounts of research, strategy, and time.

Ultimately, ThriveFantasy is about giving a casual fan a better chance at competing since he/she doesn’t have to research every player on every team in order to be successful.

If you’re more of a Props player as opposed to Daily Fantasy Sports, think of ThriveFantasy like Monkey Knife Fight. They’re the best when it comes to the new craze of Prop Gaming. ThriveFantasy is the new daily fantasy sports platform for prop bets. Instead of drafting the traditional fantasy lineup, users pick over/unders of only the top-tier athletes in a given sport.

Create An Account

Signing up only takes a few minutes. The process is simple and straightforward. All you need is your email, choose a username and password and you’re good to go. If you have a promo code from someone, apply it at setup.

ThriveFantasy Sign Up Form

Home Page

Once you have created an account, you’ll be directed to the home page. Here you will find everything needed to get started with props on ThriveFantasy.

In the contest lobby, you will find that ThriveFantasy features a large assortment daily fantasy contests. These consist of guaranteed prize pools (GPP) tournaments, head-to-heads, and 50/50s.

●     2018 was their first year so their larger contests were between 200-500 entrants with a $15-$500 entry fee

●     Their head to head contests range from anywhere between $1-$1000 and 50/50s are smaller, featuring 10-100 entrants

How to Enter A Contest

The interface shows the numerous amounts of sports that you can choose from to take unders and overs on their projected fantasy points. These include the MLB, NBA, and NFL! MMA PGA and eSports will also be coming soon! After selecting your sport you then pick a side. Make a lineup in just minutes and select 10 out of the 20 total player options.

Once you select your players you then select whether you are going over or under on each player. You then are rewarded points when your choices reflected the winning side. The more sides you selected the more points you rack up.

Traditional and Versus

There are two ways in which to play a contest: Traditional and Versus. Traditional follows a more simple approach where the user has presented a prop line and you simply select under or over. For example, in the graphic above the traditional prop has Drew Brees at under or over at 285.5 passing yards. Selecting under correctly would reward the user 105 points.

In Versus mode you are pitting one player versus another player. So in the example above you have Alvin Kamara vs Saquon Barkey in rushing yards. Whoever selects the running back with the most rushing yards will be awarded the points as the winner. After selecting your 10 props you also select an additional two I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) props. These act as tiebreakers.


Thrive uses either PayPal or E-Check for deposits and withdrawals. Deposits can happen in a matter of minutes and withdrawals take anywhere from 24-to-72 hours to process.

Once you sign up for an account, you can go to this link and click on the “add funds” option as can be seen here:

Playing/Choosing Contests

Let’s concentrate on MLB as that is what contests are available currently. From this link, we can see the wide variety of contests that they offer. The variety of contests is similar to what you find on DFS sites with head-to-head, GPP-like, 50/50s, 3-man and 5-man contests.

From the home page, clicking on the tab labeled Contest Lobby will bring you here:

We can see some of the different contests they offer. Clicking on the first contest shown above ($20 MLB Wed) and then the prize payout brings us here:

This is a contest that costs $20 to enter, can have up to 22 entrants and pays out the top six spots, including $150 to the first place finisher and $90 to second place.

How are the winners determined? By total points, as can be seen in this next image:

You choose a predetermined number of players (generally 10 with two additional tie-breaker picks but some contests/sports could be different) and pick over/unders for the prop shown. For example, if you chose Jose Altuve the category is runs scored. If you pick over and he scores at least a run, you get 110 points. If you pick under and he does not score, you receive 90 points.

This is a type of contest that resembles a small GPP from DFS sites. The next type of contest, the second one shown in the first image under the contest section, is a head-to-head contest where you compete against just one individual one on one. If you score more points than you competition, you win $400 in a contest that costs $200 to enter (no rake!!!)

In the illustration below a $2 GPP-type contest is the first one shown. Much like the regular two DFS sites, the first-place winner gets a relatively large prize, while the second place finisher gets a lesser amount and so forth. 

The next contest shown above is a 3-man $10 contest where the top points finisher wins $27.
The second and third place finishers are out of the money. In this image below there is a $5 5-man contest where the first-place finisher receives $15 and the second place finisher receives $7.

In many ways, these contests are like contests found on the big two DFS sites. They just use props to determine points and your standing and not statistics.


ThriveFantasy combines the fun of prop betting found from sites like Monkey Knife Fight and adds a great daily fantasy sports element to the game. They have streamlined the player selection process and made it simply easier to play daily fantasy sports. The platform definitely offers a unique experience and for sure deserves to be checked out! Check them out on Twitter @ThriveFantasy and Facebook.

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