Monkey Knife Fight Review is the biggest, and in some people’s opinions, the best in the newest craze of Sports Gaming called Prop Gaming. More on the differences between this and regular DFS in a bit. First, a little about MKF as a company.

Their home office is in sunny San Jose, California. Unlike regular DFS which is basically legal in every state of the US, MKF is not allowed in some states. Simply log-in to MKF and attempt to play. If it is not able to process, then you are likely not able to play in your state.

Create an Account

Head to the home page of MKF and look at the left-hand side of the page. A bunch of options will be there but the one we want is to log in.

There is simply a “create account” option there where you will enter some personal information and a method of the deposit will be asked for.


Before going too far in that step, let’s see if a promotion can be applied to a new user. Sure enough, one can be! Head to this link and use the latest promotion given to you by MKF. Their current promotion is described this way: “Get your bros to sign up & deposit and you’ll get $40 for each one who signs up. If you refer five friends this week you’ll get $200 + an exclusive MKF bobblehead.”

On the home page (see below) there is also a promotion for a 100% match of a first-time deposit up to $50 for new users.

Their Home Page

It certainly looks unique, with a picture of Bill Belichick wearing a crown, an old-fashioned cheerleader dressed in red and a horse decomposing into roses.  

Hit “allow location access” and then hit the yellow button in the middle of the page labeled “click here to win money”. Then you will come to:

Hit “allow location access” again and then we will get to the options of the types of games to play.


The difference between DFS and Prop Gaming is that the rules and types of contests are much more varied with Prop Betting. Yes, real statistics are used but the wide variety of both contests and statistics gives you way more options as we shall see.

We can see in the last illustration shown the types of individual games. By clicking on an MLB game (let’s use MLB at this time) we will come to:  

Here we can see the first type of contest highlighted and it is called “Over/Under”. For each of the two players shown, Ohtani and Castellanos, you must choose the over or under of the stat shown. for Ohtani, it is 1.5 hits+walks while for Castellanos it is over/under 1.5 total bases. Use your cursor (on a PC) to choose the over or under by clicking on the button for each player. Below them is a buy-in line. Picking both correctly would give you 2.67 times your money invested back. Anything less than picking two out of two is a loss.

In the illustration above, we can see the different contests. They are, after “Over/Under”: Rapid Fire, Home Run Derby, Hit Parade, Counting Ks and Batting Champ. Obviously, these contest names and descriptions would change for each sport.

A brief description of each contest is as follows: “Rapid Fire” is picking a pair of players against another like shown below:

This contest is Mike Trout vs. Shoei Ohtani in runs+rbis (with Ohtani given an 0.5 head start) and Albert Pujols vs. Kole Calhoun in total bases (Calhoun is given 0.5 of a base). Picking both winners would give you 2.26 times your money in.

The remaining contests are: “Home Run Derby” is a contest where you choose three players and get payoffs if they combine for one, two or three home runs. Each different amount of home runs offers a different payout, usually 1.5, 2 and 5 times respectively. “Hit Parade” is very similar to “Home Run Derby” in picking three players and getting paid out for how many hits they combine for instead of home runs. The number of hits and the payout is different as well.

“Counting Ks” is pretty much simply that, pick two pitchers for that game and three separate numbers of strikeouts (Ks) will come up. Picking the lower number and having the pitchers go over that total gives you a certain payout, picking a higher total of strikeouts and having the pair go over that higher number gives a higher payout. Last, but not least, “Batting Champ” is like both “Home Run Derby” and “Hit Parade” in that you pick three offensive players. The difference is that you combine their runs and RBI with a goal of going over one of three total amounts. The lesser total gives a lesser payout, the higher totals give a higher payout just like before.


A welcome break from the plain-Jane world of DFS, Prop Gaming, and MKF, gives you a wide variety of contest types and player options that you cannot find either of the two big boys of the DFS world. Experiment with small-risk options before moving up to higher risk payouts and contests. Another welcome difference is that you are not competing vs. different DFS players out there in Prop Gaming, instead it is more like handicapping when you are competing against a casino. In this case, you are just in competition with MKF.

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