Fanball Site Review

What is Fanball?

Fanball is one of the most unique fantasy sites in the industry, What makes it different is that it made for both season-long players and DFS players. It is connected with the Sportshub Game Network and that’s what’s really given it a boost in this growing industry. This site caters to a variety of styles like Best Ball, DFS, simulation leagues and high stakes championships. All of these formats can be played through Fanball and it’s truly become a game-changer in this ever-changing industry,

Signing Up

Like many other DFS sites, signing up at Fanball is a breeze. What we chose to do is use a Facebook account to sign up, as that directly created an account once we put in a username and password. No deposit was required when creating the account and that makes it much easier for novice players to play some free contests to test the waters.

Different Aspects of Fanball

What’s awesome about Fanball is the fact that it connects to numerous other sites. In fact, you can connect your Fanball account with sites like League Safe, NFFC, CDM Sports and What If Sports. There are all different types of fantasy formats and once you create an account, you can access any one of them and play these numerous varieties of fantasy sports.

Deposits and Withdrawals

This is where Fanball is very different from its counterparts in the industry. A lot of the money in Fanball is exchanged because of the other offerings. You can get money through other people this way or simply make a deposit with a credit card. A withdrawal comes out the exact same way that you deposited, as it will go right back into your card once you verify your account.

SportsHub Game Networks

We went over this a little bit earlier but this is easily Fanball’s greatest asset. Getting access to all of these sites is huge and it really makes Fanball unique from its competition.

As you can see here, there are different offerings to give fantasy players numerous unique ways to play. That’s why it’s tough to call Fanball a DFS site because it also gives you plenty of season-long offerings too.

Leaguesafe- This company has become one of the biggest collectors in the industry for season-long payouts, as it makes collecting money for a fantasy league a breeze.

NFFC (National Fantasy Football Championships) – These are the biggest high stakes fantasy football leagues in the country and it gives you a chance to take a shot at some big time cashes and tough competition.

NFBC- This is baseball’s equivalent to NFFC. This is high stakes fantasy baseball at its finest.

What If Sports- These are simulation formats where it’s based more off of algorithms and expectations rather than on-field results.

MFL10s- Best Ball leagues have become a very popular format for people that want to eliminate irregularities in the inconsistently of a fantasy football season. You just draft and do not make any other roster moves thereafter. Your highest scoring players from your drafted team are the ones who score points for you every week.

Fanball as a Stand alone

We don’t want to just talk about all of the other offerings, as Fanball itself has become a great DFS site in its own right. Much like most other DFS sites, it offers contests for MLB, NBA and NFL. What is different about Fanball is that it offers salary-based formats and auction drafts. An auction is a rare thing in the DFS industry and it really is appealing to experienced players.

Fanball Offerings

One thing that keeps Fanball different from sites like FanDuel and DraftKings are its offerings. Fanball is here to help its fantasy players and it’s incredible how much information they have available. In fact, they have home pages for all three major sports which includes things like advice articles, injury news and lineup notes.

Differences Between Fanball and Prop Gaming

In terms of their offerings, a site like Monkey Knife Fight has a ton more sports to play. What is also different is the fact that MKF is more about prop plays while Fanball focuses on drafting. Whether it’s an auction, salary draft or season-long format, Fanball has numerous types of contests available for any type of player. It’s all about what you’re looking for as a fantasy player but both of these sites appeal to different types of clientele.

Contests Types/Sports Offered

While there are all of these other sites to play on, Fanball itself offers the three major sports and three ways to play it. NFL, MLB and NBA are the focus of Fanball while you can play a snake draft, auction or salary cap format to draft your team. For more information, check below.

Building a Lineup

We pulled this picture straight off the help page, as it shows just how unique this style of DFS is. This happens to be a draft format and it’s very much like a season-long fantasy draft. If you’ve ever played on the site DRAFT, it’s a very similar to that format too. You can do this or build a traditional lineup through auction formats or salary-based formats. Below, we’ll include what their scoring looks like for NFL.

Promotions and Tickets

Fanball has a few great offerings for its users. For baseball, their Around the Horn promo is undoubtedly their best offering.

There are promotions out there if you listen to particular radio shows or read particular articles and this can include things like a $5 ticket. There are also discounts if you do high-stakes buy-ins to some of the other sister sites and just a quick search online will direct you to numerous promo codes and coupons available.

Social Media

Not only does Fanball have an active Twitter account, they also have an app for IOS users. This makes it very simple to navigate through the site and allows you to play and set your lineups while on the go.


Fanball is a totally unique look at how fantasy sports has changed and it truly shows just how much this industry has grown. It’s got a little bit of everything and its main goal is to help its users. The information that they provide is more valuable than anything else and they probably get most of their users because of their connection with the Sportshub Network. The DFS site itself is not necessarily the most expansive in the industry but all of their other offerings are what keeps fantasy players coming back for more.

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