DraftKings Review

What is DraftKings?

DraftKings happens to be one of the biggest DFS providers in the industry and there’s a reason they have King in the name. This DFS site competes with FanDuel as the biggest fish in the DFS market and it’s clear just how monstrous they’ve become when looking at their prize pools. Billions of dollars go through DraftKings every year and they’re one of the few sites out there turning DFS players into millionaires!

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Signing Up

Signing up is as easy as 1,2,3. As you can see, all you need to do is create a username and password to make an account. You can do this directly through your Facebook too, and that’s an extremely easy method to create your account. No deposit is needed to make the account, as you can play free contests to get used to the structure.


The deposit page is very simple for anyone who has purchased anything online. As you can see, you can pay with a credit card or through PayPal. The minimum $5 deposit is actually one great aspect with DraftKings, as you really don’t have to play for much when you’re just beginning.

This is the page that you’ll see when making withdrawals, as it too is a pretty simple process. You can have the money put in the same way you deposited or simply get a check sent to your home.

Home Page

DraftKings’ home page is simply one of the best looking in the industry. It’s very clean and easy to configure. As you can see, there’s tabs for all the different sports in the lobby and tabs for all the different ways to access your account.

Games/Sports Offered

DraftKings is one of the leaders in the industry in terms of their offerings. Just look at this list of sports. There’s NFL, MLB and NBA for the casual players and sports like LoL, CFB, MMA and AFL for those of you that like to play different sports.

In all they offer: NFL, MLB, NBA, EPL, Golf, Tennis, NASCAR, LoL, MMA, CBB, CFB, AFL and NHL

The contest types are fantastic as well, as you can play in pretty much any style you prefer. There are your standard GPPs, Head-to-Heads, 50/50s, double-ups, and multipliers.

A GPP is a Guaranteed Prize Pool where there’s a designated amount of money offered to the winners of that tournament. It usually pays about 15 percent of their entrants while making more money the higher you finish.

Head-to-heads are a battle against one opponent, where the winner takes the other person’s buy-in.

50/50s are when half of the pool makes double their money. A multiplier or double-up are pretty much the same except it pays out in different increments. For example, a 3X multiplier would pay out a third of the pool triple their buy-in, etc. 


We personally believe that DraftKings is the best in terms of the promotions that they offer. The crowns are the crown jewel of the site and it’s truly one of the most brilliant marketing campaigns in the industry. Not only do they offer free crowns every single day, you get crowns for every contest that you enter. These crowns can be used to get into other contests or buy DraftKings merchandise.

A big part of the crown system are the milestones. Some of these milestones will be as simple as picking a hitter who homers all the way up to picking a pitcher who throws a no-hitter. Once you hit these milestones, free crowns are put into your account once you claim them.

Crowns aren’t the only promotions DK offers, as they have a million of other promotions. What DK loves to do is offer huge contests. These are really their biggest promotional items, as they love to make millionaires out of DFS players. Here’s a list of all the promotions they have right now.

DraftKings also offers $10 for every DFS player that you refer and get signed up, which is yet another huge bonus.

Building a Lineup

Building a lineup is obviously different for every induvial sport you play but the outlook is very simple. As you can see, they show your whole roster on the screen and show how much salary you have left. They also do a fantastic job of telling you when a player is out or not in the lineup and they even have weather offerings. The salary cap format is pretty standard in most DFS sites and you’ll find it easy to navigate here. 

Differences Between Prop Sites and DraftKings

These two types of games really couldn’t be much more different. DraftKings is a salary-based format while a site like Monkey Knife Fight offers prop picks. Playing on MKF would likely be the easier task for novice players because the picks are so much simpler. You don’t have to navigate through a salary and play a bunch of sharks like you do on DraftKings. MKF caters more to everyone but it has much smaller prize pools.


The simple fact is, DraftKings is a game-changer in the DFS industry. No site can really match their prize pools or their offerings and it really caters to any type of player. Whether you want to play for $0.25 or for a million dollars, you can do whatever you want at DraftKings and play pretty much whatever sport caters to you.

Up to $500 Deposit Bonus